About Us



Mr. Michael R. Lewis is a California Licensed Professional Geologist who has been conducting environmental site assessment and remediation projects throughout California since 1993.  More specifically, he started conducted geological assessments for home buyers circa 2000 when he moved to south Orange County.


Our Approach

Geological problems and repairs are complicated and expensive.  You do not want to inherit someone else's problem and liability.  Our geological assessments start with local understanding, a review of geological maps, historical aerial photographs, and readily available permit records to establish an understanding of tract and parcel development even before we arrive at the property.  The assessment of property identifies signs of geological stress across multiple lines of evidence to evaluate change over time, if any.  A discussion of observations and findings is conducted on-property with the clients in a way that is educational and helpful toward making sound real estate decisions.


Why OCgeo?

First, Mr. Lewis loves the research and education he can provide to his clients.  He provides a service that is uniquely specialized to prospective purchasers of real estate in South Orange County.  Real estate agents appreciate his way of educating buyers without steering or condemning a property.  One needs as much information as possible to make good decisions and geological information is uniquely important.